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    I’d like to set this up with my current hardware (Radeon HD 5700 & cheap 800×480 projector) and get a feel if it is going to run smoothly enough to warrant building the box and purchasing a few hundred pounds of sand. Is there any way to demo it without purchasing the sand? Would using something like towels in lieu sand suffice?



    The main issue with a cheap projector will be the Lumens. If the room is to bright, a low lumen projector will not be able to be seen well. I was able to test my software on the wall of my office just fine. Obviously I could not make peaks but I would use rulers an boxes to verify my setup worked.


    To get a test setup without building a box and filling it with sand. I mounted the sensors. Pushed some lumber together on my table to get the right dimensions. I was able to cover it with cardboard and get the plane equation and then calibration. Once this was working, I just used a white towel to see how things were working. Put large objects underneath the towel like paint cans. This worked well and then I moved on to building an actual sandbox.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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