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    First and foremost, kudos to all those involved in the provisions of the SARndbox. This is an incredible open-source project.

    The SARndbox build for our institute runs well, yet a minor anomaly has arisen product of adding a feature for dual displays.
    The pny-geforce-970 has HDMI, DP, and DVI outputs. The HDMI outputs to the SARndbox projector, while the DVI outputs to a classroom projector.
    Ideally this setup will allow tutorial display of some of the devices features for an entire lecture hall.
    Yet when adding significant amounts of ‘water’ to the SARndbox simulation, there is a really bizarre high Htz frequency audible through the DVI output projector. It’s in exact sync with mouse based local water addition and draining – and the more dynamics and complexity added to the SARndbox simulation – the louder the frequency anomaly.
    Occasionally, it gets to a point where the SARndbox freezes, and only updates framerate when the mouse is active. This requires exit, and restart of the SARndbox software – but the same audible anomaly is present after restart as was before, building with increased complexity.

    I am curious if this has been an issue for anyone else, or if the description vaults someone to share an obvious solution currently overlooked.
    Thanks for any wisdom, and moreover – an outstanding experimental teaching tool!

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    • This topic was modified 3 years, 8 months ago by  jKrienert.

    Rob Reynolds

    We don’t use the DVI. We use a hmdi splitter to split the signal, one going to the sandbox projector, the other to the classroom wall projector. They cost about $20, plus you need 2 more hdmi cables.
    Zephyr Education Foundation



    Perhaps the DVI to HDMI patch should be swapped for a splitter as mentioned. Rob, is your HDMI splitter powered?



    Rob Reynolds


    @ Rob
    That appears to be similar to the devices I was pricing on-line.
    Your wisdom confirms that one of those will definitely work as a backup, but for now a solution to the high frequency anomaly was discovered!

    The problem was due to the A/V setup in the lecture hall. The projector did not seem to appreciate the electromagnetic conflict of a full length analog VGA connection running across the room with nothing connected in tandem with an active digital (DVI-to-HDMI) connection also at the opposite side of the room.

    Simply unplugging the analog connection at the lecture hall projector and leaving only the active digital cable run connected fixed the sound and software errors. Although I am unsure as to how the workstation software was being affected, possibly some interference through the gtx 970 video card?

    Conclusively, great to have this feature of the SARndbox working.
    I am sure the neighborhood dogs will especially appreciate the fix.
    Best regards,

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