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    I keep running into the same problem while trying to install the kinect.

    I type in the folowing script:

    cd ~/src
    tar xfz Kinect-2.8-002.tar.gz
    cd Kinect-2.8-002
    make install
    make installudevrule

    and I get error after entering “make”:

    sandbox@sandbox ~/src/Kinect-2.8-002 $ make
    —- Kinect configuration options: —-
    CPU-based facade projector selected
    —- Kinect installation configuration —-
    Root installation directory: /usr/local
    Calibration data directory: /usr/local/etc/Vrui-4.2/Kinect-2.8
    Resource data directory: /usr/local/share/Vrui-4.2/Kinect-2.8
    Vislet plug-in directory: /usr/local/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/Vrui-4.2/VRVislets
    —- End of Kinect configuration options: —-
    Compiling Kinect/Motor.cpp…
    Kinect/Motor.cpp: In constructor ‘Kinect::Motor::Motor(USB::Context&, size_t)’:
    Kinect/Motor.cpp:39:39: error: no matching function for call to ‘USB::DeviceList::DeviceList(USB::Context&)’
    USB::DeviceList deviceList(usbContext);
    In file included from Kinect/Motor.cpp:28:0:
    /usr/local/include/Vrui-4.2/USB/DeviceList.h:48:2: note: candidate: USB::DeviceList::DeviceList(const USB::DeviceList&)
    DeviceList(const DeviceList& source); // Prohibit copy constructor
    /usr/local/include/Vrui-4.2/USB/DeviceList.h:48:2: note: no known conversion for argument 1 from ‘USB::Context’ to ‘const USB::DeviceList&’
    /usr/local/include/Vrui-4.2/USB/DeviceList.h:46:2: note: candidate: USB::DeviceList::DeviceList()
    DeviceList(void); // Creates a device list by enumerating all devices in the U
    /usr/local/include/Vrui-4.2/USB/DeviceList.h:46:2: note: candidate expects 0 arguments, 1 provided
    /home/sandbox/src/Vrui-4.2-004/BuildRoot/BasicMakefile:128: recipe for target ‘o/g++-3.g0.O3/Kinect/Motor.o’ failed
    make: *** [o/g++-3.g0.O3/Kinect/Motor.o] Error 1

    Can someone here help me resolve this issue?

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    I know this post has been hanging around for awhile, but I wanted to know if you found a solution? I have been getting the same error. Please help!

    Oliver Kreylos

    Which version of the Kinect package are you trying to install?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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