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    Hi all,

    Just trying to get a sandbox going, but when I run SARndbox it shows a window with what is effectively a linear gradient from green to blue, showing about 3 topographic lines. Then the display basically remains frozen as far as topography, though I can click and get menus and cross-hairs to display.

    When I jump back to the CLI there’s a message: “GL error: Invalid enum”.

    Anyone encountered this previously?

    Also, I notice in the README it says it should run in trial mode, so wanted to try that, but not sure how to get that going per se. Any help is appreciated.

    Anyway, looks like a great system. Looking forward to getting it going.


    Oliver Kreylos

    If you just run the SARndbox executable without any calibration, what you’ll get is unpredictable; it depends on the position of your Kinect relative to your sand surface. You’ll have to at least run calibration steps 4 and 5 first, as described in the README.

    The error message is probably due to running OpenGL in software emulation mode, using the Mesa library. For the sandbox to run properly, you need to install proper vendor-supplied drivers for your graphics card, e.g., those available from Nvidia or AMD/ATI directly, or through the additional hardware driver repositories in Ubuntu.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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