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    Hi! We are currently making the final adjustments with our box, but we can’t seem to get rid of an annoying issue: small drains from the sides, and noise in line form. To illustrate I am attaching a video link, to see for yourselves.

    We are suspecting that the noise is caused by the reflective glass sides. As you can see on the YouTube video, there’s about 10 cm stainless steel with 25 cm safety glass embedded. One side (the one closest to the camera) was treaded by us with milk foil which reduces the problem maybe a little bit, but does not eliminate it. The other sides are not treated and the problem is clearly visible there.

    What do you think? Has anyone tried glass sides before and had these issues? Does this problem arise with solid sides too?

    Thank you!

    Agora Science Center, Debrecen

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