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    Sadam Mjaka

    We are computer science and engineering students from Tanzania,
    we are interested in this project and we want to do it.
    We are using intel 4600 graphics card, Is it compatible with ARSandbox?
    How can we test for its compatibility?


    The Intel graphics you are using now are integrated with your CPU it can run the sandbox but not the water simulation. My sandbox uses a gtx 750ti by nvidia and it runs great.


    We have installed Mint and then followed the directions to install the Nvidia card but then on restart the video will not come up. When we install Mint the video works using the card and the default driver. Any suggestions?



    Hi efpatterson

    Had a similar problem with Mint 17.2 where you could select the recommended driver but it would not save reverting back to the xorg.

    Check this out

    I don’t think I updated the ppa I went to step 4 using the driver recommended by Mint in the Control Center, Driver manager. in my case it was 340.

    After doing the sudo apt-get install nvidia-340

    I now have an NVIDA Server Settings option in the Control Centre.

    Hope this helps.


    Thanks that worked, we had to set the video driver on the system board’s video port, then after installing the Nvidia 352 drivers the system not starts with the correct drivers.

    Ernie Patterson

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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