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    We have constructed a larger version of the ARSandbox, and because of this we had to move the Kinect higher to almost 5′ above the sandbox.

    Everything looks and works great with the topographic projections, but we are finding you have to hold your almost three feet above the sand to trigger the rain. We have already built a normally sized sandbox previously, and didn’t see this issue. The minimum elevation at which the rain gets triggered also seems inconsistent, changing slightly moment to moment.

    I have tried using the -rer flag to explicitly set the rain elevation range, but it is doesn’t seem to have any effect. According to the documentation, the default rain elevation range should be “above range of elevation color map”, therefore I’m guessing the rain elevation range isn’t the issue.

    Instead, I’m wondering if the hand-detection just isn’t able to detect hands that are beyond a certain distance from the Kinect. Does the hand detection require a certain level of depth resolution to successfully detect hands, which might deteriorate the farther up the Kinect is mounted?

    Has anyone else run into this issue after mounting the Kinect higher? Is there a way to revert to the rain system to watch for any non-moving object and forego any hand-detection?


    Check this link for what you may be looking for: https://arsandbox.ucdavis.edu/forums/topic/sandbox-command-line-switch-list/

    “-rer <min rain elevation> <max rain elevation>
    Sets the elevation range of the rain cloud level relative to the ground plane in cm
    Default: Above range of elevation color map

    -rs <rain strength>
    Sets the strength of global or local rainfall in cm/s
    Default: 0.25”


    Thanks for the response, mkaszuba.

    I’m aware of the entire command line list, and have already tried -rer but it does not address the issue.
    The rain falls as expected once the hand is detected, but the hand detection is not working throughout the entire rain elevation range.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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