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    Umut Dizdar

    Hello all;

    As a small school in my country, we tried to build the box with the students..
    Everything was going well until the time that we realised something was veeery wrong..
    The thing is; when we dig a hole on the sand, it turns into brown (or green). Vice versa; when we make a hill with the sand, it doesnt turn brown or green but becomes blue like a lake.
    We used Xbox One Kinect sensor.
    Can this be happening because of the wrong sensor..
    If not; is there a way to fix this malfunction with coding?

    Ohh, my poor students… (Just kidding, they are like monsters)

    Oliver Kreylos

    That is strange; it might be related to using a Kinect One instead of a Kinect 360. I haven’t done much testing with Kinect One.

    Did you do the step where you download the Kinect’s internal calibration data:

    sudo /usr/local/bin/KinectUtil getCalib 0


    Umut Dizdar

    Dear Oliver;
    Thank you for your quick response. We followed the steps.
    But we found out that in our camera-space plane equation we have these numbers;
    (0.0247072, 0.0738473, -0.996963), 106.452
    while in the videos the last number is minus like -96.458.
    If we change it, add a minus mark, than there is no output in the sandbox screen. Can this be the source of the problem??

    Model number of the kinect is 1520 and this is the serial -> RawKinectViewer: Connected to 3D camera with serial number V2-042983234147.

    Thank you for your ideas..

    Oliver Kreylos

    The coordinate system of your Kinect camera is inverted, i.e., the z axis is facing downwards instead of upwards. This should not happen.

    You might be able to fix this by negating all four numbers in the base plane equation, i.e., change to

    (-0.0247072, -0.0738473, 0.996963), -106.452

    (note that the third number is now positive).

    Umut Dizdar

    Dear Oliver;
    Before your reply, we found a file that includes color codes. We changed the elevation & color pairs and that worked well enough until we tried the water simulation. During the simulation, water tended to flow from lakes to the mountains.
    So we applied your solution and went out for the show.
    Everything was perfect! People were amazed and spent most of their times in front of our desk. And we even got an offer to show the sand box in the district municipal building. My students were proud..
    We really thank you and your precious brain. Please, keep it safe and public..
    You rock!!



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