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    I am looking for ideas on how to build a sandbox the is easily portable, in terms of weight and size. This sandbox is intended be flown to remote locations on a small plane, so ease of transportation is a concern.

    What are the dimensions of the smallest sandbox you have seen? Was the sandbox is still functional for creating a landscape and using in lesson plans?
    Are there any lighter weight substitutions for the sand?
    Any other advise on strong light weight building materials and a design that lets the sandbox be as compact as possible, to fit through a small plane door?

    Thanks in advance!

    Oliver Kreylos

    Alaska EPSCoR has two sandboxes they fly out to the middle of nowhere in bush planes:


    We’re trying to design something portable at Nova Labs in Reston Virginia.

    The Seattle Design Nerds sandbox has some good ideas including the plastic tray to hold the sand.

    Flat Pack AR.Sandbox

    We’re thinking of using a Jetson TK1 instead of a laptop, and in the future I would like to have all the sandbox software on a bootable USB stick.

    I wonder why we need a big heavy projector. Disney Labs and other university labs are working with smaller Pico projectors. Perhaps a mini-projector can have a wide-angle lens attachment similar to the wide-angle lenses for smartphone photography.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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