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    Hello everyone, I’m Massimo From Italy-Rome.
    I’ve succesfully set-up my sandbox and it works like a charm. I think that a great feature to improve it is the possibility to add some sounds on rain event, like a thunderstorm or similar. I’m not so Linux confident and i can’t figure out how it could be done.
    I succesfully made some scripts that change the rain animation to Lava, Snow etc. when special keys are pressed, but about sound animation i’m totally lost…Can someone give me a tip about that?
    Thank you.


    I already thought about that but killed that idea cause that’s all you would hear over and over, because the best part is adding the water to your box. I had a thunderstorm playing with lightning cracks, I took the sounds from my aquarium storm simulator. if you want to try it out, make a manual button to play a sound clip, then press the button every time someone tried to produce rain. that’s what I did and needless to say, it’s not in use anymore. now I just play ambient sounds of rain falling on a tin roof with background thunder. gives background sounds without IN YOUR FACE sound clips. very soothing..


    Thanks, I can figure out a script that play sounds on a key press. My wish is to play it automatically on rain event when an object is floating on the sandbox, I think we can add some line of code in order to play sounds on rain event procedure…but I don’t know how to do it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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