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    Hi Sandbox People,

    I am currently working on integrating an AR Sandbox into university-level courses to enhance student understanding of watersheds and basic hydrologic concepts. I have already progressed through the typical modifications for our sandbox, and am very interested in expanding the device’s capabilities.

    To that extent, I was wondering if anyone has already messed around with varying surface runoff rates or infiltration capacities. The idea being that you could select specific regions on the sandbox’s surface (or place a piece of black plastic on an area) to mimic an impervious surface, vegetation, or varying permeabilities. The region would be level with it’s surrounding elevation, but would redirect water flow away from the area. I understand this might be beyond the scope of the software, but it doesn’t seem impossible.

    I’d love to hear if any of you all have had any luck with this type of modification (or anything similar), or have suggestions for where to to make software alterations! Thank you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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