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    We have positioned the Kinect like in this picture: (bottom side of the Kinect faces reverse direction of the projector)

    After all of the calibration steps, we have observed that projected image is flipped with respect to the origin of the sandbox. We have noticed that, Kinect faces opposite way in this video:

    Can we fix the problem without changing the direction of the Kinect? As an example, does editing the BoxLayout file help, e.g., changing the order of points obtained in calibration step 5?



    Is the simulation not working (i.e. the projected output is 180 degrees out)?

    I have my kinect facing the opposite direction to the projector so the calibration phase is 180 degrees out, but once it’s completed and I run SARndbox with the -fpv option, then it corrects it for me, and runs perfectly.

    Of course you still have options, most projectors have installation options which include image rotation, or you can rotate you display 180 degrees in Ubuntu.



    Thanks for the reply. Yes it seems to be 180 degrees out. I’ve recognised the -fpv option yesterday when I’was digging the forum. I’ll try it and share the results here.


    Did you ever find a good solution to this “rotated 180 degree” problem?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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