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    Hi Oliver Kreylos,

    I have Kinect V2 for Windows, Model 1656
    But not work on new Kinect 3.3

    After few hour to test…

    I need edit some code to add this model to work with Kinect 3.3 library:

    In CameraV2.cpp, KinectV2CameraMatcher class, line 88

    return dd.idVendor==0x045eU&&(dd.idProduct==0x02c4U||dd.idProduct==0x02d8U);

    In KinectUtil.cpp, KinectMatcher class, line 54

    return dd.idVendor==0x045eU&&(dd.idProduct==0x02aeU||dd.idProduct==0x02bfU||dd.idProduct==0x02c4U||dd.idProduct==0x02d8U);

    In KinectUtil.cpp, KinectModel detectKinectModel(USB::Device& kinect), line 68


    In 69-Kinect.rules, add at bottom

    SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="045e", ATTRS{idProduct}=="02d8", TAG+="uaccess"

    after rebuild the library, I can view the depth cam & real camera on RawKinectViewer.
    But not work beautify in AR Sandbox.


    Did you get any further with getting the Kinect V2 to work with sandbox ar. I am struggling to even get RawKinectViewer to work depsite making your adjustments.


    hi~ so i m useing kinect 3.3 // saendbox2.3 // vrui-4.3-001 and kinect V2 (1595) , but can’t work~ ~~ i saw the website write this ” Note: The second-generation Kinect (Kinect for Xbox One or Kinect for Windows v2) is not yet supported by the AR Sandbox software.” so is V2 can work now? is there any detailed step-by-step installation instructions for V2? thx


    So, ther’s some news about Kinect V2? In Italy is almost impossible to found some old Kinect..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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