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    So I was thinking how to reduce the distance between Kinect and the sand box and came across these “zoom” lenses that are actually wide-angle lenses. This one I got off amazon is a nyco brand and it simply doesn’t work for AR sandbox. Others probably tried and I just didn’t search the net enough. Anyway, the main reason it doesn’t work is the distortion being too severe. Here are some images:

    1. Without “zoom” lens:

    2. With “zoom” lens:

    3. After careful calibration:

    The big mountain and the water on both sides are artifacts of lens distortion. In actuality, the sand below has been meticulously flattened by a tool I stole from my son’s sand brick making kit 🙂

    So the conclusion is no go. 40 inches still is roughly the minimal distance.

    Does kinect one have wider field of view? Is it supported now?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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