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    i would like to ask if there is any sand that can replace the recommended one , i would like to know what are the properties of the sand i should be looking for as am having trouble finding ( sandtastik sand )

    Thank you

    Oliver Kreylos

    The sand should be light and of a neutral color, i.e., light gray or white, to achieve a bright projection with high contrast. Other than that, there are no technical requirements. Other light-colored granular materials, for example paper pulp, work as well.

    From a health perspective, inhaling quartz dust is a health risk. The recommended Sandtastik sand is feldspar, not quartz.


    in NZ we also have issues getting the sand, its too expensive for shipping.

    I just used a light bunker sand sponsored from my local golf course. It is not ideal, but if you spray it periodically for some better binding you can still get pretty good results from it. It lacks the strength to build wall type structures though.

    I have also investigated “make your own” and if you google this, there are things you can do to achieve the same results, the hard part is getting it white for a decent projection.

    I also heard (though have not investigated) if you have a local foundry (metal works) the same properties are in the molding sand they use, so may be able to appropriate from there?

    hope this helps


    Heavy White Plastic Pellets

    I wonder if any one has tried plastic pellets.


    heavy white plastic pellets is good alternative, you can try or you can make your own


    I thought quartz dust in high amounts/consistent exposure was dangerous?

    Don’t most of the worlds beaches contain quartz?


    Anyone purchase paper pulp as a replacement? I’ve seen it on other sandboxes and wondered if it works. Is there a company that sells this type of paper pulp?

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