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    We’ve lost the secondary colors on our sandbox (only displays, red, orange, and a muted beige, although water color is OK). It used to display all colors which were much more vibrant.

    We are Using the BenQ MX816ST projector. We initially thought the bulb was wearing out, but a lamp test indicated that it had not past it’s expiry and when calibrating, we get green when using the calibration disk (no green on sandbox map). So, we think it might be a software issue. Has anyone else using this projector found that replacing the bulb improved color saturation?

    In searching through the forums, we found this paramter: -uhm (Enables elevation color mapping). Not sure when or where to enter this command to test to see if not having it might be a problem

    Also, has anyone comments on using -hs (Enables hill shading) and -us (Enables shadows)?


    Use the -uhm parameter when launching our application. for example: ./bin/SARndbox-3.2/SARndbox -uhm


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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