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    Sep 5 of README file for the SARndbox-2.6
    After “sudo make install” the output is “install: missing file operand”
    How do I fix this? Thanks.

    Sean Robinson

    Could you post all the output between “sudo make install” and “install: missing file operand”? The install command is doing many things and I’ll need more context to determine which part is not working for you.


    Here it is.
    —- SARndbox installation configuration —-
    Root installation directory:
    Configuration data directory: /etc/SARndbox-2.6
    Resource data directory: /share/SARndbox-2.6
    Shader source code directory: /share/SARndbox-2.6/Shaders
    —- End of SARndbox configuration options: —-
    Compiling CalibrateProjector.cpp…
    Linking bin/CalibrateProjector…
    Compiling ShaderHelper.cpp…
    Compiling ElevationColorMap.cpp…
    Compiling SurfaceRenderer.cpp…
    Compiling Sandbox.cpp…
    Linking bin/SARndbox…
    Installing the Augmented Reality Sandbox in …
    install: missing file operand
    Try ‘install –help’ for more information.
    make: *** [makefile:174: install] Error 1

    Sean Robinson

    Likely fix: Rather than sudo make install, use sudo make install INSTALLDIR=`pwd` (those are backticks around pwd).

    Explanation: On some systems, “sudo” clears the environment variable the ARSandbox makefile uses to find its current directory. You can define the internal make variable (that is, INSTALLDIR) to the value the install directions expect by adding the definition to the end of the command line.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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