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    Hi Oliver,

    I’m looking at making a very large sandbox and wondering if it’s possible to have multiple kinects set up on the one sandbox, as a single kinect won’t be able to cover the amount of surface area we’re looking at making. Is this possible? to almost tether them together but make sure they don’t conflict and almost act as one whole kinect.



    Hi, I don’t have an answer to your question but I wanted to add a variable. I’m interested in using multiple scanners in order to get more detailed scanning results (vertical walls are a problem for one scanner). For example, I’m experimenting with modeling clay instead of sand. I’m building existing topography out of modeling clay and then I modify it by hand. Then I use the water flow simulation to see the results of my interventions. So my thought was if you put one scanner in each corner facing inward you could potentially stitch them together in order to get the whole 3D point cloud. Anyway somehow your problem seems the same as mine in some regard. Has anyone experimented with other types of scanners? Thx_will

    PS. could you just move the scanner and projector up and use a different type of projector?

    Oliver Kreylos

    The AR Sandbox software currently assumes a single 3D camera. Adding support for multiple ones would be a major development effort, primarily the required work to take the individual depth images from each sensor and merge them into a single consistent digital elevation model, and the calibration procedure to make it possible for end users to set this up successfully. That’s not going to happen until the AR Sandbox project gets funding again, and even then it would be a low priority due to the small amount of people who would potentially use it.

    Another wrinkle is that most 3D cameras (all Kinect models included) interfere with each other when scanning the same surface. This would cause major issues.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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