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    well I’m happy to say this was a fun project and it’s SUPER responsive, water is extremely fluid.
    GREAT INSTRUCTIONS !!!! easy to follow and the videos were a great help, again, easy to follow.
    anyone can do this project !!!!!! THANK YOU.

    here is my setup, I like the KISS method, so I did a simple arm with a quick weld with a simple I bracket.

    here is my mount tot he projector, I made the mount originally out of acrylic, but I then converted it to a piece of aluminum. I printed out some 1 inch spacers and the end result was a projector that hovers above the box perfectly, no adjustments needed.

    here is my Kinect mount I made, it’s a simple I design

    here are some shots of the sand

    and to finish it off, I made an acrylic sign with a piece I had left over, thru a few LED’s in it.

    I am designing the button now, just waiting for it to come in the mail.
    but the controller is done, all I have to do is wire it up.
    It’s super simple, just break a keyboard apart and take out the controller board, then solder up a key you want to use to be your drain button


    trying to post a video, does this forum allow videos?

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    I made this real quick.

    Sandbox Video


    here is the finished product

    Full view of the rig


    Very nice Bill, thanks for sharing. I wish for welding skills now…



    thanks Matt, it’s a labor of love at this point.

    here are some shaders
    lava, tropical water, toxic water..etc


    some custom icons, making it rain, they are animated icons.


    my usb buttons, to swap out shaders, flood and dry….etc
    simple and easy to configure


    Pretty slick! Care to elaborate? I’d love to set that up. I’m thinking of doing a “flood”, “Water”, “Lava”, and “Drain” button combo.


    sure, INTPTT and Jensen was able to help me out when I first tried this.
    you make 2 files.
    first make a shader file for each scenario, lava, water, snow, toxic waste, etc..
    second make a batch file that renames your shader file to the default water shader.
    then bind it to a hotkey within the Linux mint menu for keyboard shortcuts.

    check out this link.

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    Looks like my sandbox that I am working on is going to have a similar simplified arm for the Benq projector and kinect.

    However, my construction buddy and I are having trouble visualizing the projector mount. Do you happen to have any images showing off the mount that you made? Or perhaps a drawn design to help us copy what you have done.

    Thank you for all your help.

    If it is easier, you can email me:

    Thank you,

    TC Titan

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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