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    We have a weird L-shaped region on the upper-right corner of the simulation, there is an invisible water barrier.
    This barrier is NOT visible in the basic height field, but in the water simulation is it very clear; On either side of this magical L-shape the water simulation runs normally, but across the border of this region the water will not flow.
    invisible water barrier
    low- water glitch

    Even if we drain the water out there is still a fuzz of blue noise pixels around it:

    fuzzy border details

    This persists even if we change Kinect, although the edges of the “L” do move slightly. It looks as if the water simulation is missing out on some smoothing that the terrain model does.

    NB this is NOT the same as the OpenGl TEXTURE_CLAMP “blue line” problem. We had that issue already, and the recommended NVIDIA settings fix solved it.

    However, the “blue dots” problem persists.

    Anyone else seen this problem? Anyone found a fix for it

    Has anyone else run into


    Apologies for the missing question mark at the end there 😉

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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