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    I have zero experience with programming and building this sandbox is my only experience with Linux.
    I have managed to follow the instructions and I have a very well functioning sandbox!
    I have read a LOT of the threads in this forum and I have read ones that pertain to what I need help with but the instructions are Greek to me.
    If someone is willing to provide a dumbed down version for the following features I would greatly appreciate it!
    I would love to be able to put this sandbox into my local school district.

    I Need the sandbox to be like a kiosk that a teacher can just wheel it in to their room, plug it in and turn it on.

    The features I am lacking are…
    1: Sandbox to start automatically when the computer is turned on.
    2: it to be in full screen mode when feature 1 happens
    3: I have a 4 button USB controller. I would like the buttons to be used for 1.Rain, 2.Dry, 3.Water, 4.Lava
    Again, I have seen these features addressed in the forum but I just do not have the experience to understand the information in the threads.

    As soon as I can find someone to provide an idiot’s guide for these features I can get this table in to the local schools so it can start being enjoyed!

    As an optional, less important feature request, I think it would be neat if there were a button shortcut that could be used to change the depth plane. I have it adjusted in the boxlayout file and it works great. I can adjust it in there as needed with no problem. However, it would be cool if it could have 3 keyboard shortcuts I could set to the keyboard I have mounted to the side of the table to change between 3 modes.
    a. standard sea level (default setting)
    b. everything below sea level (all the sand is blue when level. It would need to be built up to get above sea level).
    c. everything above sea level (the very bottom of the table is actually sea level and all the sand is above sea level).


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    Here is what I have done and it works for me, but I use my table at home and so I don’t care for any security. If you install this in a public space you may want to give security some thought.

    For 1. you would need to:
    a. configure automatic login (Menu -> Control Center -> Login Window)
    b. create an executable shell script for the program with all the parameters
    c autostart your shell script (Menu -> Control Center -> Startup Applications)
    d. to turn everything off I just power down my PC with the power button.

    You would need to create the full screen configuration file.

    3. You would need to set up you buttons and save a configuration file, now you can add this configuration file as a parameter to the script from 1b.

    I don’t have your optional requirement implemented on my setup so I can not comment on this, but I could imagine the new pipe feature could be used for this.


    Thank you for the reply. I will try these steps. I have never made a “shell script” before so we will see how it goes. The first link you provided might be the gap I needed to fill in the instructions. I had not seen that one before. Very helpful.


    If you have figured out how to make scripts. I figured out a way to change your sea level with the BoxLayout.txt file.

    I made a copy of it named BoxLayout-Normal.txt, and then one for higher and lower sea levels. I then made a script that works much like the shader change scripts for lava, snow, ice, etc. that copies the adjusted boxlayout files to the original.

    cd <your boxlayout directory>
    cp BoxLayout.txt BoxLayout-Normal.txt

    Then named the script The one thing I ran into is that it doesn’t reload these on the fly. So I added

    “pkill SARndbox”

    to close and then copied my startup script below to restart the program. I then use the keyboard shortcuts to bind the scripts to keys on the keyboard. It works great. There is a momentary blink while it adjusts, but it’s a pretty cool change once it gets going.

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