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    just finished…

    gtx 970 sc.
    8 gigs

    no lag, 500$ in kinetic sand, so I’m half full but still functional


    hi everyone

    i still have to finish the mast, i suspended the projector/sensor from a temp support beam hanging from the ceiling =\

    i plan on using 8020 3030 (3″x3″) aluminum extrusion, from a corner for the mast.

    ill post some pics in the next day or so. thx oliver for all your hard work!


    Congrats, I wanted to do kinetic sand but it was out of my price range.
    can’t wait to see some pics.



    so far the kinetic sand has been mixed review

    im thinking about mixing 50/50 kinetic / sandtastik ( but ill do some experimenting with ratios )

    ill get some pics up later today


    I have sandtastik now and I love it. I have the white.
    it has sparkly pieces in it so it is highly reflective. very good for the projection.
    I’m not sure how the two will mix due to their composition. kinetic sand is good when it’s against other kinetic sand, by mixing regular sand I would think you would negate the kinetic properties.
    I have no proof for this, just an observation. Let me know how it turns out, cause if it works I could do that with my box.


    Congrats on the build! =)

    We looked at kinetic sand for ours (at a children’s museum) but decided against it for a few reasons. (Had a grant so price wasn’t even the main one.)

    • It is harder to move finger through, especially little fingers.
    • It needs to be cleaned fairly frequently or else it starts to smell.
    • We read it needs to be stored airtight or else it will lose it’s function!

    Has your experience been different from any of this?


    front view

    it is tough to move around with your fingers but the end results look pretty nice

    -doesn’t smell… yet

    -maybe some air will help it loosen up some =)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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