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    Hi all,

    I just build a sandbox! I managed to find an InFocus IN1501 projector off ebay for $150 that seems to work perfectly for this application (4:3 and 1.0 throw ratio). I also built a little two-button box based off a Teensy 2.0 USB microcontroller for rain.

    See for a quick look if interested.

    I’m trying to finalize a few things before I bring it to some area schools. One obvious item is putting it on wheels, which I somehow didn’t consider initially. Doing this also presents an opportunity to potentially correct a few items:

    -I had the height of the projector/kinect set so full-zoom was exactly filling the sandbox, but with no sand in it. I realize now with 150lbs of sand in it that the height is a bit higher and due to the short throw of the projector, does not have the image fully cover the surface. I have to adjust the vertical arm anyway when adding the wheels, so I wondered if I should move it ~4″ up or so. What is the ARSandbox behavior if you dig down by the sides and so the video gets projected onto the sides of the sandbox? Does it draw that as black (knowing the extents of the sandbox) or does it look funny? Before I go through the effort, what is the optimal way to have the height set?

    -I have the projector and kinect oriented such that the screen is flipped vertically when you are standing in front of it. This is awkward for pulling up a terminal, for instance. The projector can easily be configured to flip the screen, but I’d rather not physically flip the kinect due to how it is mounted. What’s would I need to adjust calibration-wise to account for the screen being flipped relative to the kinect? Is it worth it?

    Thanks again for all the great work!

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