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    Hello everyone,

    First want to say thanks for all your work. It is a great project and will be an excellent teaching tool.

    I do have one small issue. The topo map generated is black and white. I see black topo lines over a white background. Everything seems calibrated ok as I can poke a hole in the sand with my finger and it makes a contour line exactly around the whole.

    Could it be that my elevation settings are off? My measurements seemed close to those in the youtube video.




    Just to add, I am getting the “run out of time error”. Water does drop on the terrain but it is only at an elevation which then reads my hand as part of the topopgraphy.

    I’m using a GTX 1070 card and linux 18 mate. The projector is the only display.

    Thanks again


    Are you using the -uhm switch? If you want the height map colors to show up, then you must specify the -uhm switch in the command to start the sandbox. The command should look something like:
    ./bin/SARndbox -fpv -uhm -rer 20 100

    Without the “-uhm”, you will see only black and white with contour lines.


    Did this resolve you issue? It did not for me? I was curious if you have any suggestions?


    I was using the correct commands but I was launching the wrong copy. I had a backup copy (in case I screwed something up) which the program was trying to run. Once I had everything in the right place, everything worked as expected.


    What do you mean by the wrong copy?

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    When I work on any project, I keep backups at various stages. This way if a mess somethig up and can figure it out, I can go back a few stages and start from there rather than starting all over from scratch.

    In this case, I realized a had loaded from one of my backup copies but it wasn’t pulling info from all the required files; causing the black and white issue. It was user error, nothing to do with the programming.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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