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    After installing and calibrating SARndbox-2.3 (previously had 1.6 but wiped and started from scratch) only an elevation color gradient is displayed.
    No contours or water are shown, even with -uhm and -rer 20 100 command additions.
    Any thoughts or links to posts with similar issues?

    Also, any references for posts on setting up custom keyboard buttons and shaders based on the software changes?
    The older dependencies (associated with our 1.6 ver) do not seem to work anymore.

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    For clarification; the problems mentioned previously seem to be related to the PIPE as not responding to sent commands.

    I’m now able to change custom shaders with keyboard shortcuts calling scripts.
    These same scripts also include commands sent to the PIPE, which are shown in the associated ‘Control.fifo’ file located in the ~/Shaders/SARndbox2.3/ directory, however the updates are not expressed in the SARndbox simulation,
    Also, no errors are listed in the terminal when starting the simulation initally with the properly directed ‘-cp ~/Shaders/SARndbox2.3/Control.fifo’ command.

    Any clues out there?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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