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    When running the RawKinectViewer I note that I get numbers that differ by a factor of 10x.

    I’ve copied info over to BoxLayout.txt as described in the video, but as you can see below this is very different.
    —contents of BoxLayout.txt—–
    (-0.00048839, 0.0414284, 0.999141), -986.924
    ( -504.002, -344.581, -956.219)
    ( 508.564, -399.895, -981.036)
    ( -548.092, 410.398, -1029.69)
    ( 493.764, 396.189, -968.713)

    Needless to say, after getting somewhere close to a calibration things still looked very weird. I did modify the HeightColorMap.cpt to improve some of the behavior, but I believe there must be a better fix.

    Oliver Kreylos

    Please download the two updated software packages mentioned in this thread, and run KinectUtil getCalib 0 again.

    That will download your Kinect’s calibration data in cm instead of mm, which will conform with the AR Sandbox software’s default settings.


    Thanks! That worked. I think I was having a conflict with a prior version (possibly installed in a different locale). In any case, I reinstalled everything and now I’m up and running!


    BTW, I’ll send along photos from the Atlanta Science Festival activities that we’ll be showing this off at.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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