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    Hello all, first of all huge thanks to Oliver for making this all possible. I work for a local Engineering Department and we are involved in quite a bit of outreach with schools and the general public. We decided to build a sandbox for our GIS day, as well as for other school outings. The group of kids that attended GIS were 8th graders – college seniors, all who seemed equally astonished with the sandbox. Attached you will find some pictures of the event, and I am willing to answer any questions you may have. We only spent $200.00 total on the whole project, including sand, kinect, wood for construction, and other small items, however we already had a projector and a capable computer. We spent around half a day on the actual Sandbox construction, and only around an hour on the linux install / vrui install / kinect + projector calibration.

    As a little heads up, I see quite a few of you are posting questions regarding PC specs and I will tell you now, this software is pretty strenuous on your PC, you will need a very good computer to be able to run the software to its full potential. I will post the specs of the PC we used below, but be forewarned, even though this PC is more than enough to run the software, it was STILL slightly sluggish, so be prepared to invest into a very high powered machine.

      Computer Specifications

    Lenovo IdeaPad Y410p windows 10 / linux mint mate dual boot
    Intel i7 @ 2.4GHz
    Nvidia GT750M Gfx Card (2GB)
    8 GB Ram ( more suggested )


    We used a basic xbox 360 Kinect with both the USB power and the 12v DC power adapter ( the USB power was NOT ENOUGH alone for the kinect to be detected)


    As you will be able to see from the pictures, our projector was not the suggested Benq short throw projector. We used an older Epson projector sitting around the office , it still had HDMI output , and a 4:3 aspect ratio, which is all we needed. However, if you can spring the additional $500 for a short through BenQ I suggest you do so, we had to mount our projector quite high above the sandbox, as well as off to the side to allow the full projection on the sand surface, which caused quite a bit of error towards the far corners of the sandbox.

    Now please enjoy some pictures of our final product, and all credit to Oliver, many thanks !


    Did you enable rain? How does the 750 handle it?

    For my budget build I am considering a GTX750 as that card is significantly less than a 960 or 970.


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