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    I just built a new AR sandbox with an HP Pavilion power desktop. Everything works except that if I leave kinect (xbox360) connected to the PC when I boot or restart, the HP hangs at boot, displaying HP logo. If I don’t connect kinect, boot to linux, connect kinect, it works fine. If I boot to bios, browse the PC settings, and plug in kinect, bios freezes. I have turned off USB boot or secure boot and TPM etc. I searched the internet. My conclusion is that certain USB device will freeze certain bios firmware. I upgraded bios to the most recent version and that didn’t remove the problem.

    I have tried 2 different kinect sensors and two power supplies. It’s very consistent. Don’t leave it plugged in if you wish to boot.

    I counted 10 seconds is enough between pressing power button to boot and plugging in kinect. Are there any usb delay start adapters to physically connect a USB device with a delay? Googled it, only this post with no conclusion:


    This problem seems common: certain usb device freezes certain bios. Anyone else having this issue with arsandbox? I suspect that the auto start scripts floating around here that occasionally results in non-responsive sensor has something to do with undesirable interaction of the kinect with bios. I’m interested in building a solution for arsandbox and beyond. Just wish to know if the problem is common enough to make an effort. My Dell never had this problem. Otherwise I might have given up on making arsandbox.



    OK, here is the box I built to delay USB connection to the PC for 10 seconds so Kinect won’t be detected by bios and cause freezing.

    Here is a photo of the adapter connected to the PC:

    Inside the box are an arduino and a relay shield.



    thank you so much harga iphone x

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