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    Oliver Kreylos

    Vrui (the toolkit underlying the AR Sandbox) offers fine control over window placement. As it is important that the window position and size exactly match between running projector calibration and the AR Sandbox, it is best to configure the window position and size ahead of time.

    Windows are configured through Vrui configuration files. The first step is to create a new file called Vrui.cfg in the directory from which CalibrateProjector and SARndbox are started. In the default installation, this is the directory containing the SARndbox source codes, i.e., /home/username/src/SARndbox-<version>.

    Copy the following text into the new Vrui.cfg:

    section Vrui
        section Desktop
            section Window
                # settings go here

    The settings in the following paragraphs go inside the Window section.

    Single Display

    On a single display, i.e., if the sandbox projector is the only connected display, or a secondary display is set up to mirror the main display, the display window should be in full-screen mode.

    windowFullscreen true
    into the Window section, and CalibrateProjector and SARndbox will start in full-screen mode.

    Multiple Displays

    In setups with non-mirrored multiple displays, the first step is to find the display domain of the sandbox projector. Run the following from a terminal:
    $ xrandr
    This will print a list of all video ports on the computer, and the settings of all displays connected to them. For each display, there will be a line like the following:
    DP-2 connected 1024x768+1600+0 ...
    The first two numbers, in this example 1024×768, are the size of the display in pixels. The last two numbers, in this case +1600+0, are the position of the upper-left corner of the display in overall desktop space. In this example, an XGA projector (1024×768) is to the right of another display, probably with 1600×1200 resolution.

    With these numbers in hand, add the following into the Window section:

    windowPos (x, y), (w, h)
    decorate false

    Where x and y are the position of the upper-left corner of the projector, and w and h are the width and height, respectively. decorate false will disable window decorations (title bar, size handles) and effectively create a full-screen window.

    If this does not work, e.g., if the desktop’s panel remains visible, replace decorate false with windowFullscreen true.


    this is gold. thank you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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