Problem with calibration (see screenshoot), how move border of box?

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    Hi, I tried calibrate sand box. I saw video. Make step:
    1. Extract plan
    2. Measure 3d point (inside box, right in video)
    3. Calibrate projector (red line follow cd-disk – all good)

    But on result I have some problem, see screenshoot
    White border – it’s border of physical sandbox. Water simulation out of the box, and some piece of image out of box.

    I use Kinect 1414, projector Benq 632

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    Hello, Dima!

    My suggestions are:

    1: When extracting planes, I recomend emptying the box of sand so you get the actual plane of the bottom of the box and not whatever plane might be extracted from the sand.

    2: Re-measure 3D positions of the corners in the following positions and the following order:
    Order in which to measure 3D extents of the box (

    You have probably measured 3D positions of points outside the box, so you need to measure the positions of the corners at the bottom of the box (so empty it from sand) in the order I marked in the image.

    3: You could just zoom into the part of the box you want to run the simulation in, though that wouldn’t be as elegant as actually repeating the process.
    You can zoom in holding Z + Left Click + Moving the mouse up and down. Only holding down Z + moving the mouse will move the view in the screen, so you could adjust it that way until you feel comfortable, though, again, I suggest you repeat the calibration.

    Hope you can make it work for you. Have a nice day!


    Thank you, I’ll try it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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