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    I managed to get everything to work smoothly, however, I cannot manage to get the projection exactly match the insides of the sandbox, see images below.
    I followed step 9 to measure the Sandbox’s 3D Box corner positions. I have the feeling that this is where you can adjust the view to match the interrior of the sandbox? I also tried adjusting the numbers in the .txt file afterwards to see if this changes something, but it only seems to look at the water-level number and not the corner positions..?

    – I already followed the optional step 6a (Calculate Per-pixel Depth Correction)
    – I made sure the camera can see the entire interior of the sandbox (step 7, align the 3D camera)
    – I followed step 8 to measure the sandbox’s base plane equation as in the video.
    – The projector has a 4:3 ratio.

    How can I make sure that the projection is well aligned with the insides of the sandbox?

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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