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    It seems the local rain gesture is more readily recognized and results in more rain when performed by my right versus left hand. Anyone else encounter this issue? I’m using Mint 18 and the latest version of the software. If stability is my main concern, would downgrading to the previous versions of Kinect, SARndbox, and Vrui be best?



    Interesting. I find that my left hand is much more easily recognized than my right hand.
    In the last two weeks though, I’ve had about a hundred people (kids and colleagues) play with the sandbox, and most of them had no difficulties with either hand. So, my conclusion is that the issue is something about the way I position my right hand, either the tilt or height, or spread of my fingers. I must do it differently with my left hand since it is recognized almost immediately.

    FWIW, I am using Linux Mint (Mate) 17.3, and the SARndbox 2.3 software with Vrui 4.2-004, and Kinect 3.2.

    S. Harned


    more day by day all are in sandbox … i am also very impressive in sandbox..


    hi~ i have some problem Upgrades to Vrui-4.2-xxx, Kinect-3.2, SARndbox-2.2~~ i can’t make it rain~~ but 1.6 is work good ~ @@ what kind of gesture can make it’s rain? thx~

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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