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    We are building sandbox for our education center using latest SARndbox/Vrui sources and nearly all works as expected. Our setup is based on Linux Mint 17 with Intel i3 3GHz core, 4GB RAM and Nvidia Quadra card. The only problem we have encountered after final sandbox configuration are some small various instabilities, which appears randomly on startup, mainly after cold boot:
    . rain generation does not work;
    . green texture is displayed instead of regular image;
    . additional water drying button doesn’t work (the button is just stripped usb keyboard hardware).

    After application restart usually all works right. Where we should start fixing those issues, is there any debug mode in Vrui/SARndnbox we can use for diagnosing the problems?


    PS Thanks to Oliver for making this great piece of software free.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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