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    Could Cygwin be used to compile the necessary packages to have a working installation on Windows?

    This would be convenient for some testing since going through a Virtual Machine tends to distort the Kinect camera

    Oliver Kreylos

    I haven’t tried building under cygwin in a very long time, and last time it didn’t work.

    One issue with running under Windows, either via cygwin (if it works) or in a virtual machine, is that the sandbox application won’t get access to the graphics hardware — it can only run in emulated mode.

    This means the performance of the sandbox, especially the water simulation, will be very poor. The ideal installation is with a dedicated Linux PC, or a Linux installation run natively via dual-boot.


    That being said, Thom Wolf and Rasmus Paulsen made a Magic Sand version for Windows, which we used for our sandbox. This Windows software has 3 games for children. It doesn’t have the features that require a graphics card. The software is written in C++ and uses OpenFrameworks.

    A magic sandbox I made for my 3 y.o. son’s birthday. Detailed BOM and source code included.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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