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    I figured out how to make a series of buttons for Water, Lava and Drain. I really did not want to spent tons of money on USB buttons. I bought a 5 button gaming mouse on amazon. I then downloaded a program (BTNX) that will reprogram the mouse buttons. I re-assigned the forward and back thumb buttons to run the water and lava scripts as mentioned in a previous post. In the sandbox program I assigned the middle button to be the drain. Once I get that working I then opened up the mouse and removed the little switches for the thumb forward and back and middle buttons. I then rewired some new arcade buttons into the switch locations on the circuit board. Red, Blue, and Yellow buttons.

    These buttons also can light up so I wired them in parallel to an old charging cord that I found at a thrift store. It was set for 12V and 5AMPS. Once connected and mounted to the sandbox I could then use them for the drain, water and lava.

    This sure saved a lot of money. $25 for 3 buttons, gaming mouse and a power cord. The only down side that I will fix soon is when people play with the sand with their hands and then they touch the buttons. This gets sand in the crack of the button and jams it in the down position. I will be finding a way to cover the buttons with some sort of plastic to prevent that.

    Also just make sure your mouse is plugged into the computer when you boot it up so it will recognize it. Otherwise your computer will not recognize the thumb buttons. If you need to plug in a mouse to do maintenance then you can just plug it into another USB port and it will work just fine.



    Hi Stan,

    How did you make permanent keys to rain and to dry ?



    Hi Stan,

    We are struggling with the button instructions you have posted. Where could I find the BTNX program you downloaded? Also, if you would kindly put instructions to the rewiring of the arcade buttons, that would be great!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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