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    the contents of the SARndbox -h starting option

    I had been looking for the details on how the various startup options (-uhm -fpv etc) worked and finally found a reference to the startup -h help option so heres the content of the file to make it easier for others to find the info.


    ./SARndbox -h
    Usage: SARndbox [option 1] … [option n]


    -h Prints this help message

    -c <camera index>
    Selects the local Kinect camera of the given index (0: first camera on USB bus)
    Default: 0

    -slf <sandbox layout file name>
    Loads the sandbox layout file of the given name
    Default: /home/sandy/src/SARndbox-1.6/etc/SARndbox-1.6/BoxLayout.txt

    -er <min elevation> <max elevation>
    Sets the range of valid sand surface elevations relative to the ground plane in cm
    Default: Range of elevation color map

    -nas <num averaging slots>
    Sets the number of averaging slots in the frame filter; latency is <num averaging slots> * 1/30 s
    Default: 30

    -sp <min num samples> <max variance>
    Sets the frame filter parameters minimum number of valid samples and maximum sample variance before convergence
    Default: 10 2

    -he <hysteresis envelope>
    Sets the size of the hysteresis envelope used for jitter removal
    Default: 0.1

    Disables elevation color mapping

    -hcm <elevation color map file name>
    Sets the name of the elevation color map
    Default: /home/sandy/src/SARndbox-1.6/etc/SARndbox-1.6/HeightColorMap.cpt

    Disables topographic contour lines

    -cls <contour line spacing>
    Sets the elevation distance between adjacent topographic contour lines in cm
    Default: 0.75

    -wts <water grid width> <water grid height>
    Sets the width and height of the water flow simulation grid
    Default: 640 480

    -ws <water speed> <water max steps>
    Sets the relative speed of the water simulation and the maximum number of simulation steps per frame
    Default: 1.0 30

    -wo <water opacity>
    Sets the water depth at which water appears opaque in cm
    Default: 2.0

    -rer <min rain elevation> <max rain elevation>
    Sets the elevation range of the rain cloud level relative to the ground plane in cm
    Default: Above range of elevation color map

    -rs <rain strength>
    Sets the strength of global or local rainfall in cm/s
    Default: 0.25

    -evr <evaporation rate>
    Water evaporation rate in cm/s
    Default: 0.0

    Fixes the navigation transformation so that Kinect camera and projector are aligned, as defined by the projector calibration file

    Enables hill shading

    Enables shadows

    Enables elevation color mapping

    Renders water surface as geometric surface

    -cp <control pipe name>
    Sets the name of a named POSIX pipe from which to read control commands

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