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    As a Student Teacher I can really see the benefits of a Sandbox in the classroom, and am looking for a way to complete this project on a budget. I already have a Kinect Sensor and Short throw projector (maybe too short though) and dont forsee a large cost in the Sandbox itself, nor the sand. However, the PC part does have the opportunity to scupper the project.

    So I have a few questions.

    Firstly, would an SSD make much difference? They are so cheap these days and improve performance on most machines.

    Secondly, would this Ebay purchase have sufficient power to work well? It is an i5 3.33 GHZ with a radeon hd4650 grafics board. I ask simplty because I am look at a used PC but no clue whether this one would work or not.




    No, the speed doesn’t come from the hard drive/SSD. It comes primarily from the video card, which is quite expensive, running you $200 and up. I have not been successful with Radeon RX video cards but I’ve found some comparisons between radeon hd 4650 and Nvidia GT 710 being comparable. I know for sure GT series can’t do it so that infers 4650 can’t either. Think GTX series. Recommended is 1050 Ti or better. I’ve used 1050 Ti and 1060.

    Expect to spend say around 700 USD on a gaming computer. The water simulation is brutal on your wallet but that’s why it looks so real. Also get a recent i5/i7 at 3GHz or better. I was able to use an i3-7100 but it could use some upgrade.


    You can try going for the ebay option(s) but you may face issues later on the line unless the buyer can provide some kind of guarantuee that the equipment will last. Otherwise you can a deal and reasearch websites where they allow you to build you own pc. A quick google search gave this for example: “”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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