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    I successfully went trough the whole installation procedure up to step 12. Then I’m trying to run the SARndbox with “./bin/SARndbox -uhm -fpv” but it immediately ends without rising any error (or other message). Does anyone has idea what may be wrong and/or how to make the SARndbox a little more verbose?

    Computer’s config is: i7-2600, 8 GB RAM, GeForce GT430 1GB, nvidia 384.130 driver, Linux Mint 18.3

    Oliver Kreylos

    The SARndbox application is pretty verbose as it is, so not getting any messages at all is highly unusual. Does it at least open a window and closes it again, or not even that?


    No, a window has’t been opened.
    Here and now I managed to resolve the problem by calibrating the sandbox using a different computer and copying the whole SARndbox directory from it. While it works, it’s impossible to tell, what was exactly the problem. When I have time, I’ll try to experiment making fine-grained steps.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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