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    I have set up the AR sandbox. The problem is that I get mostly bluish colors. I have to pile up the sand significantly before I can see green, orange etc.. Is there some change I should be making to see more “red” colors ? Do I need to change the BoxLayout.txt created from the camera calibration step ? Would appreciate your help. Thanks


    Make sure your BoxLayout.txt is in /src/SARndbox-2.6/etc/SARndbox-2.6
    Edit it and change the last value on the top row. If it’s at -95 try out -100. Experiment until you get the level that makes you happy


    Thank you for the reply. The BoxLayout.txt is in src/SARndbox-2.6. That right there may be the problem. Also, do I need to recalibrate the projector after I move the BoxLayout.txt to the correct folder AND I whenever I modify it ? Thanks


    No, abunuha, you don’t need to recalibrate.
    Follow these steps:

    1.- Opent the BoxLayout.txt found in /src/SARndbox-2.6/etc/SARndbox-2.6
    On the first line you should see a parenthesis with three numbers divided by commas(the , symbol). Then, after the end of the parentesis, another comma and a negative number whith a value of about -100.
    2.- That number there is the “Sea Level” so to speak of the projection. It is measured, if I’m not wrong, in centimeters. So now, close any instances of the SARndbox app.
    3.- Change the value of that number, for example if it is -97, change it to -100, or really any number, just do not increase it or decrease it by more than five. It’s better to do small steps to get more precise results.
    4.- Save the .txt file.
    5.- Open the SARndbox app again.
    6.- See if it looks better, if you are not satisfied with the result, repeat steps 2-5 until it looks good enough for you.

    Hope this helped you!


    The location of the file was the problem. We had calibrated the camera and saved the output to BoxLayout.txt but had not moved the file to the correct (etc) location. As such, the sandbox program was using a default file in the etc location. Once we moved the file to the right location, the colors showed up as expected

    Thanks for your help

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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