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    I have been working on SARndbox modifications for my University SARndbox. The modifications I have are:
    – Export sandscape to XYZ ascii format (point cloud)
    – Raise/lower the color height map using keyboard
    – Decrease/increase the contour line interval using keyboard
    – Toggle the water simulation using the keyboard
    – Toggle through available color height maps within the configuration directory
    – Extras: different color schemes, and a relatively reliable startup script

    I appreciate this project and all the hard work Oliver/UCDavis has put in, and want to give at least something back. So if anybody would like to use these, feel free to contact me and I can provide the extra files and help you with setting them up. If you are running SARndbox version 2.3 (r2), it should just be a matter of copying the additional files and re-running make.



    Hi, Could you send me this extra file with the instructions to re-running?
    What is your contact?



    There are multiple files, for each of the mods above.
    Would you like all of them, or any particular one?

    I will post instructions on here, so others may use this thread as a guide to installing them.

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    Why not set up a github with your modified source directory? It is free and anyone wanting to your source could then get it without contacting you. I am also interested in your modification as I was hoping to do similar changes later this summer for the sandbox at University of Wisconsin – La Crosse.



    I do have a git repository with my entire sandbox setup — the repo itself contains all the source for Vrui and Kinect libraries as well, so perhaps follow this link:
    to find my version of the SARndbox application.

    To install the modifications, first make a backup of your calibration (this is ProjectorMatrix.dat somewhere within the etc directory), then copy all of the files (except perhaps my calibration file) in the above link into your SARndbox source directory, then run make.

    To configure the output directory of the XYZ exporting tool, open XYZTool.h and change
    #define XYZ_OUTPUT_DIR "/home/sandbox/Desktop"
    to a directory of your choosing (and then re-run make).

    To use the tools, assign them to a key as you would do with the water tools, etc. They should be labelled clearly enough in the tool selection dialog.

    Just as a disclaimer: please use this stuff at your own risk, hopefully you will not damage your own installation — if your calibration is messed up, then try re-calibrating as this source code contains my calibration matrix which will not work for you. I can not guarantee my code is bug-free. I also take no credit, this is mostly standard SARndbox code, with a tiny bit of new stuff which is based on code provided by this site.



    Thanks for sharing your modifications. We ‘ll test it.



    Brilliant, thanks for sharing the code – I’ll have a go at this next week and report back. Much appreciated.




    Cool! Would be good to know how it runs, as I have not tested it on other PCs.



    Looks great. Thanks for the hard work and sharing.

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