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    Dear Oliver,
    I’m geologist and professor at University of Rio de Janeiro State in Brazil.
    I would like know if is possible instead of project the topography, to project the calculated slope from this topography read from the kinect.
    This is very useful to identify (or show to the public) the areas with high slope, that is, the areas more unstable.
    Thank you and congratulations for this marvelous educational tool!
    Best regards,


    There is a really great tool built into the most recent SARndbox software. It enables a digital elevation model (DEM) of the sands surface to be exported, which can then be opened in most geographic information system (GIS) software.
    The most user friendly open source GIS I have found is named Quantum GIS, which is fairly easy to use while also including some advanced capabilities.
    For example, if you export a DEM from the sandbox and open it into Q-GIS, you can easily do topographic slope profiles with the (also free) plugin called Profile Tool.
    Hope this might answer some of your needs…


    Dear Krienert,
    Could you help to know how capture this data? I’ve tried click with right button’s mouse and select the save DEM command but I don’t know where, the filename or the format that the data was saved.
    My proposal is to calculate the slope on-time showing the slope over the sand-surface.
    Thank you,


    Hello fdourado,

    For post processing with GIS,
    DEMs can be saved by binding a “Save Bathymetry” tool. When the associated key/button is pressed, the current surface will be written in USGS DEM format. -Oliver, Posting 102452
    Creation of this tool works like any other custom tool, or can be prewritten into the SARndbox confit file. It is defaulted to save the produced DEM in the SARndbox file directory (~.user/src/SARndbox-2.3/).

    Not to sure about displaying slope in an active SARndbox session, although that would be a cool feature.
    Maybe even a dynamic hot/cold color map of slope steepness?


    HI Krienert,

    I also want to bring DEM or topography shapefile into Sandbox. You’ve emntioned a tool which make this possible in the sandbox environment. Would you please explain it more or do you have any instruction for that?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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