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    So we were able to purchase an AR table from a vendor. We were very excited but its become a huge headache and time suck for us weary teachers who already have a lot on our plates. After putting all of the pieces together and barely figuring out how to use Linux and add all the software and calibration we were able to use it for a day and then it crashed. Then, all the software was gone. We redownloaded it and got it working again and then the same thing happened. The vendor has not been very helpful because they just send us to the suppliers of the components (box, kinex, projector, computer). The computer vendor (System76) says its a problem with the software and they can’t help us.

    I noticed in the setup video here he says he didn’t use ubuntu because it was having issues. That is what ours runs on/ came with. Could it be causing this problem?


    Weirdly, I think the software IS still on there but it only opens if I completely shut the computer down and open it all again (wont work on a restart).


    I’ve recently set up the UC Davis version of AR Sandbox on Linux. No guarantees, but if you’d like to do a one-hour video call near the sandbox sometime this week, I can see if I can help.

    Jill Fantauzza
    former exhibit developer, Exploratorium
    San Francisco

    Sean Robinson

    My first advice is to accept Jill’s offer for real-time help. Wow, thank you, Jill!

    Second, it does not sound like your problems are specific to AR Sandbox and you might be able to find a local Linux expert (i.e. a colleage, a student technology club, etc.) that can visit your sandbox and quickly fix it.

    There will be some differences between Ubuntu (used by System76) and Mint (used by UC Davis). Are you using the instructions from UC Davis or from System76?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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