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    We are having difficulty with the step 5 calibration. We have downloaded and compiled the latest version of the Kinect software. When we launch normal ‘KinectViewer’ we don’t see Camera space, we seem to be seeing the stereo depth space, which is making it very difficult to complete the calibration. In other words, the image that we see is not just a normal picture of the bottom of the sandbox, but a weird computer generated image in which it is difficult to see where the true bottom of the sandbox is.

    Do we have to do anything to switch KinectViewer to normal ‘Camera Space’?


    Oliver Kreylos

    KinectViewer shows a 3D reconstruction of what the Kinect camera sees, which is important to measure the 3D positions of the four box corners. Did the video illustrating that step, , help? It shows how to change the viewpoint of the program to move the observed sand surface into the screen plane and take the corner measurements.

    Please note that there’s a mistake in the narration for that video. The corners need to be measured in lower-left, lower-right, upper-left, upper-right order.


    Thanks a lot it’s spectacular now.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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