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    Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone involved for sharing this fantastic project.

    I first saw an installation in the science museum in Granda, Spain. I’d never seen anything like it and kept thinking about it. Once I discovered the software was freely available, I decided to have a go at building one – just to see if I could.

    I’m comfortable with the software side but I had zero carpentry skills and zero budget. Thanks to an old PC, a garage full of “stuff”, a few beers and lot of time watching YouTube videos, I managed to make one in time for my daughter’s birthday party.

    The kids loved it so much that last weekend it was given it’s own room for the school’s Christmas Fair. I even made a “planet Christmas” colour map with Santa-red seas and stripy Christmas tree mountains.

    The response has been fantastic. The kids think it’s awesome and it’s so interesting to watch how different personalities interact with it. The teachers are even talking about getting me to talk to the older kids about how it’s all made. Not sure I’m lifting all that sand back just yet though!

    So thank you all, you can be very proud that your hard work is bringing smiles all around the world.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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