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    Oliver Kreylos

    Note: The most up-to-date AR Sandbox location map is now hosted on Please send a message to if you would like to be listed. Thank you!

    We have a Google Map indicating the positions of many publicly-accessible AR Sandbox installations around the world.

    Snapshot of AR Sandbox World Map

    This map can’t possibly be complete. Let’s try to fix that!

    Until we figure out a proper way of handling this, let’s use this thread as a sign-up sheet. So, if you constructed an AR Sandbox, and it’s publicly accessible, please reply here with your location; at least city and country, ideally street address, really ideally even latitude and longitude.

    Actually, on second thought, even if you built an AR Sandbox just for yourself, and say it’s sitting in your basement, we’d still like to have you on the map (not your address, just your city, of course), but please leave a note that yours is not public.

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    I’ll be taking our newest portable version of your Sandbox to AGU this year.

    Greg Wirth
    Geographic Information Network of Alaska
    University of Alaska Fairbanks

    Rob Reynolds

    We have 2 at Zephyr Education Foundation 97 Water St. Woods Hole, MA Lat 41 deg 31.49’N 070 deg 40.27’W One is portable we take to schools. We have built other systems (not open to the public) for: New England Science and Sailing 41 deg 19.43’N 071 deg 54.45’W
    Bourne High School 41 deg 44.34’N 070 deg 35.6′ W
    Falmouth Morse Pond School. 41 deg 33.55 N 070 deg 36.3 W
    By the way, there is no system at Woods Hole Oceanographic, that one is across the street at our location


    We have one in Mesa, AZ. It is privately owned and maintained for use in D & D but we do stream our sessions on YouTube. Was a lot of fun to build and I am reveling in the new slider features!

    Thanks a lot!


    Hello to everyone,

    I installed the AR Sandbox at the laboratories of Çukurova University, Geological Engineering Department Adana Turkey. Our location is; 37° 3’41.79″N and 35°21’10.10″E.
    Thanks a lot to Oliver Kreylos for his great effort.

    Fatih Karaoğlan


    Perkiomen Valley High School
    509 Gravel Pike
    Collegeville, PA 19426

    Lat: 40.21877
    Long: -75.45489


    Serkan EKINGEN
    Mersin University
    Technical Sciences Vocational School
    Mersin / TURKEY

    36.784934 / 34.527533


    Y2M Academy
    Chungdam 59-12



    First of all: thank you for making this possible!
    I installed an AR Sandbox finally at my school:
    Theodor-Heuss-Gymnasium Schopfheim
    Schlierbachstraße 19
    79650 Schopfheim

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    Semi-public mobilized SARndbox (finished Jan. 3rd 2016)

    Southern Illinois University
    Department of Geologic Sciences, Parkinson Laboratory
    1263 Lincoln Dr.
    Carbondale, IL 62901
    WGS-84 : (37.714988, -89.217726)

    Thanks to all parties who have made this possible!


    Couple images from AGU 2015
    It was a very popular item again. Surrounded with people the whole week. We took our portable version that breaks down into two Pelican cases.

    View post on

    View post on

    Also did the kids show on Sunday. AGU Exploration Station.

    View post on

    Thanks again Oliver for all the work you have done.


    Hi Oliver!

    We have just built one at Agora Science Center, Debrecen, Hungary. (

    Address: Debrecen, Hungary, Egyetem tér 1., exactly here:

    I will also send some pictures soon.

    Thanks for everything!



    Thank you Oliver for all the hard work you’ve put into making the software and instructions available for us to build sandboxes!

    We just completed an install at Lassen Volcanic National Park. 40.437860 N, 121.533826 W.

    It started as a project for the Tehama County Fair and we approached Corning High School to see if they wanted to build it. The idea grew from there to donate it to the Park after the Fair and they stepped up to the challenge. The Sandbox won Director’s Choice award at the Fair and after some modifications and painting, it was donated to the Park.

    Great education challenge for students on a real life project and a great exhibit to teach park goers about topography and watersheds. Thank you again Oliver, we all appreciate your dedication.


    Thank you so much for your hard work!

    I have completed one that is now sitting at Maine Audubon.
    It is open for the public to be used for watershed education and
    other activities and events that the organization holds.

    20 Gilsland Farm Rd, Falmouth, ME 04105



    Hi, first of all… Thank you, Oliver!

    I finished the sandbox in August 2015 with public funds and the support of a local consumer association. It’s a project that will be publicly exhibited in more of 15 places, mainly schools and cultural centers. The first one was in October, I include a link with pictures. Next week will be in a school and other cultural center, we have 2-3 different exhibitions every month. Also has been exhibited in Bilbao Maker Faire (nov-2015) with great success.

    I’m a member of the Impact Hub Network, my node is in Donostia-San Sebastian. The full address is:

    Victor Barahona – Egokitek
    Impact Hub Donostia
    Calle Duque de Mandas, 52
    20012. Donostia / San Sebastián
    Basque Country – Spain

    43.317102, -1.976249

    And heres is the link. Thanks again!

    AR Sandbox in Cultural Center, 20-22 October, 2015

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