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    Hi all! Since Oliver has already answered my question on the projector, I wanted to post up the build we’re doing and get your thoughts.

    Part list:
    Also: BenQ MX631​ST Project​or ($530)

    We’ve been thinking about dropping the processor down to the Core i5-4690K (saves $100) and the video card down to a GTX960 (saves $70). Trying to keep total build to $1,500 budget (electronics).

    ::EDIT:: Any thoughts, especially caveats with Linux Mint and anything listed? Thanks!

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    Oliver Kreylos

    You’ll be fine with the Core i5 CPU, but think twice about dropping from a 970 to a 960. The 970 is almost twice as fast at running the water simulation as the 960. The 960 is roughly comparable to a 770, which we currently have in our AR Sandbox, and water gets choppy sometimes. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it’s pretty annoying when it happens.


    Then done deal – we’re keeping the 970 and going with the i5. (I saw other reports that the i5 performance was perfectly fine too.) We’re at budget with the processor drop, so I’m a happy camper.


    We’ve completed the build! It’s running quite well – thanks for the help. Once we’ve finished calibration and mounting of equipment, I’ll get you some pics and such. It’s being donated to the Children’s Museum of Skagit County (WA state, about an hour North of Seattle.)


    I am running the 970 but have an amd quad core. Super responsive and the water is fluid, no juddering or choppiness. great FPS.
    I was lucky, I found the 970 refurbished for $300 what a steal !!!!
    if you are using water in your simulation, then the 970 minimum.
    post some pics when you can.

    the only thing I hate about the benq is the screen door effect.
    having HD projectors, when I got this it made me dizzy to look at. I’m a perfectionist.
    here is a trick to using a projector that gives a screen door effect.
    keep it slightly out of focus!!! this will blur the gridlines and give a smoother picture.

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