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    Hello Fellow Augmented Reality Aficianados,
    I noticed a few inquiries on this forum about commercial production of the AR sandbox. My father and I started building AR sandboxes for our friends and acquaintances at various educational centers, and received requests from many individuals on how to build their own. However, every person who requested consultation was unable to finish the sand table on their own, as they found the task either too time-consuming, tedious, or difficult. We decided to create a turnkey solution for those without the time or skill set necessary to create their own AR sandbox. After creating a couple models, we incorporated under the name TopoBox, LLC. I invite you all to check out our website at TopoBox.CO [.co, not .com] and send anyone you may know who needs assistance our info. You can also contact me directly at haley@topobox.co or (312) 451-8918


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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