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    I’m assembling a new sandbox and am having trouble getting the 3D camera to communicate properly. The install went well through step 7. When running the “RawKinectViewer -compress 0” command, things went astray. The Rawkinectviewer window opened showing the live color feed, but instead of a depth image, it displays a stange “pincushioned” white shape (see this link).

    The USB behavior is also also little strange. The behavior described above happens with three of the four USB 3 ports. The last USB 3 and both USB 2 ports return a “Fewer than 1 3D camera attached” message. I’ve read through the “USB problems with Kinect thread” and found some useful information but nothing that fixed the problem

    Some more relevant info:
    Computer: Dell Precision T3610 with Geforce GTX 1070Ti, running Linux Mint, latest version. Installed according to the current instructions. Graphics card driver updated properly. Our USB controller is a Renasas Technology Corp with chip number uDP720201.

    Camera: Kinect for XBox One with 3rd party USB/power adapter (not OEM). Camera does NOT show a slow blinking green ready light. “lsusb” command returns the camera only as “Microsoft Corp.”, not “Microsoft Corp. Xbox NUI camera”.

    Please let me know if anyone has thought on how to proceed. Thanks!

    Oliver Kreylos

    The second-generation Kinect (for Xbox One) is rather flaky, at least compared to the first-generation one.

    It’s normal for the Kinect v2’s depth image to be pincushioned — unlike the first Kinect, the second one has lens distortion correction parameters in firmware — but the depth image showing all white means the software doesn’t receive depth data. That’s a connection issue at the USB level, potentially due to a bad USB adapter cable.

    giuseppe molinario

    Hi I am having the same exact problem as bradw above. @oliver did you have any suggestions here? I have a hard time understanding how it could be the cable (yes mine is also not OEM). Is there somethign I could try other than a new cable? I’m also operating in a time crunch.

    Thank you for all this awesome software! Can’t wait to get it to work!



    I have same problem. What would you suggest to do?


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