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    When executing “RawKinectViewer -compress 0”, my screen camera can display at right hand side correctly. But left hand side sensor only display white screen but not green result. Anyone knows how to solve the problem?

    When compiling “Kinect-3.3.tar.gz”, I found some warming message came out. Not sure related the problem at all.




    I would like here to provide screen shot! Hope this help

    Error screen shot



    Is this a Kinect for xbox one? I went down this route only to find the image to look like this (with actual depth map but warped) and arsandbox couldn’t understand the data format to make use of it.



    Was anyone able to determine a fix for this particular issue? I’m running Kinect-3.4 and this issue is still present using an xbox one kinect.


    Oliver Kreylos

    The Kinect-for-Xbox-One is a primadonna, which is one reason why we don’t recommend using it. The two I have work reliably with Kinect-3.4 and Kinect-3.5, but I have not tried any others myself.

    Do you get any error or warning messages when starting RawKinectViewer, such as buffer under-/overflows or USB stalls? If that, try using different USB ports.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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