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    Hi ,

    I’m using system 76. Got the similar issue that 0 camera detected. The laptop doesn’t have USB 2. Do you suggest me to buy sth like an input USB 2 to usb C?

    The weird thing is that the kinect is recognized when I’m using the GrassGIS and following the tangible table team’s instructions (however because of the poor support team from tangible landscape I decided to test Augmented reality sandbox). So there shouldn’t be an issue with the USB!!




    I am taking same kinect problem which is:

    terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘std::runtime_error’
    what(): Kinect::Camera::Camera: Less than 0 Kinect camera devices detected

    I read the topic and tried to make suggestions, but I couln’t solve the problem. But, I can use the kinect with Windows and Linux by using another program.
    So, the Kinect is working. I am using X Box One Kinect Sensor. Most of people using Kinect 360 sensor or etc, I thought maybe the problem is this.
    Should I change the my kinect sensor? When I investigate Hardware part for kinect said it is supported with version 3.2.
    Or some people suggest the change kinect adaptor, I am using this type of adaptor :
    Does anyone try to solve this problem by changing the adaptor type. But , as I said before kinect is working.




    I have everything working on my build …using an HP OMEN machine running windows 10, loaded the latest mint. However, I have a small problem I have been trying to solve. The machine will not boot up with the Kinect sensor connected to the USB port. However it boots up once I remove the kinect. I usually just plug the back after booting is complete…but can not keep doing this. Is there a work around? The sandbox will be going to a local fair in three weeks. need help
    Thank you

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    I am very new with commands and Linux. I can not locate kinect. It is set to usb 2. How do I change it to usb 3?



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    Hi Guys,

    I’m also struggling so after a bit of help.
    I have got up to step 7 on the install instructions.
    When I run <quote>RawKinectViewer -compress 0</quote> I get the viewer and it loads a single frame.
    However it does not then update.
    If I close the window and run the command again I get an error:

    Caught exception Kinect::Camera::startStreaming: Failed to initialize streaming mode

    If I unplug the usb and reinsert in a different port then I can again run the command once and get a single frame but the issues then repeat
    I have tried this with two different machines and tried both USB2 & USB3 ports.
    I have also tried both Linux Mint 17.1 as shown in the video and the latest version (18)

    I had this working last year but have since rebuilt the machine and can’t get it to work now.
    Any ideas?
    Help / suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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